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As my background leans toward the visual arts, I felt drawn to illustrate the site. So yesterday was spent trying to bring the sketches of the PSA logo to some kind of presentable reality. I started out in Adobe Illustrator and while I got some decent results, I felt much more at home in Photoshop. The logo still isn’t finished, but as a first pass it felt pretty good.

Along the way, I was pleased with how the logo developed in terms of reflecting the concept it was supposed to. The idea was to represent a device that could process a chaos of electromagnetic signals, spoken word and body language and deliver something that made sense to its user. The initial idea was a stylized human head & brain, with waves of confusing radiation on one side and a harmonious sound on the other. As work progressed, I felt the need to try and work in the idea of representing the “confusing radiation” as the EM spectrum, drawing upon a “universal language” similar to the plaque on the Voyager and Pioneer satellites to describe humans to aliens.

I doubt I’ll be able to nail that in an easy to read logo, but the thought process was fascinating to me. I had to restrain myself from trying to cram too much information into the graphic that would only be lost if it was reduced in size. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the graphic onto the site soon.

Construction Zone

+++ Boot Sequence Initiated…
+++ Loading…

Fates willing, this will be Pan Spectrum Analyzer, a promotional website for the writings of Ken McCulloch. Though it’s primary purpose is self-promotion, I hope that it might serve as a platform for discussion of science/science fiction, fantasy and horror topics.

In the near future, the blog will be under major construction as both art and writing are drafted.

+++ PSA Sensor Suite calibrating

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