Work on the banner artwork for the website appears to have taken a life of its own. What started as a small sketch and was intended to be an equally simple painting to block in the feel of the novel and the website evolved to be a much larger work. Its coming along nicely and has set a few challenges for me.

In all my work, I attempt to be as true to the subject material as possible, which is fine when you have subject material to draw from, but in this case, I’m still writing it! Even though I’ve had the ideas of it all shifting around inside my skull since 2007 or so, its largely barebones in terms of visuals, so I’ve had to develop those a bit before getting this painting to work.

Here are a few clips from the overall painting. Still lots of work to go, by no means least, colour correcting it. My Cintiq tablet is a bit off in colour when compared to my main monitor, which is a bit annoying and unnerving.  Any suggestions on how to do that consistently would be very welcome.

Lakeside spaceport