While the artwork for the site has been completed and up for a few days now, I haven’t yet explained it. The brief I set myself for it was to create an image which (I felt) conveyed the emotion of the story without giving away too much. This last bit wasn’t too hard, since the picture isn’t based on any specific point in the story!  It was inspired by a photograph I saw a few years ago of a dog on a beach watching the sun set. When I saw that, my mind couldn’t help but replace the dog with Karyss (the protagonist of my novel) in a similar situation.

Karyss watches a procession of spacecraft going about their business at an alien spaceport.

So, we get Karyss, a young woman thrown across the galaxy and forced to make her own way around it, observing the comings and goings of spacecraft on an alien planet. She is sitting on a sort of mechanized environment suit that has been constructed for her to roam from planet to planet, which is itself standing either on a very high hill or a building, or perhaps another spacecraft. She looks toward the Milky way and contemplates her journey in her own way, in some future style of Yoga? YogO? 😉

The composition was intended to centre on Karyss and unfold around her, which is how I hope the novel will come out: as Karyss roams about she becomes embroiled in the stories of the other characters and their lives are changed because of it. A little Its a Wonderful Life meets Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I suppose, but there you go. “I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.” as Selma on Night Court would say and I think her words sum up where I want it to be, although I better get a move on with the chuckles because so far it doesn’t have a lot of them in it.

The final cropping of the image for the banner on the site cuts into some of the cool details, so if you’d like to see the full image, you can see it in the Gallery/Portfolio page or on the thumbnail on this page.

The title… Yeah, its a typo. As an artist I would call it a “happy accident”. I typed it. I liked it. Sometimes ya just gotta say “fuck it” and move on. 🙂 Art evolves in the oddest ways, accidents most of all.