Work is nearing completion on what I’m considering a “test e-Book”, which is entitled The Unorthodox Eater, coming shortly from my own imprint “GRNDL’s Grub & Grog”.   I completed the artwork today (after trying to figure out what kind of hairstyle Phileas should have: a pseudo French-Revolution era Quiff/bouffant, with a touch of Bride of Frankenstein, er, yeah..) and am just adjusting the formatting of the e-Book in InDesign to finagle some finesse out of it.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Unorthodox Eater is a compilation of three semi-comedic Phileas McNeil stories, two of which are available to read on this site right now.

Phileas is a gourmand/foodie from a future in which Humanity has spread to the stars and begun to kill and eat the weird things they find, as is their wont. Phileas is obsessed with eating and has made it his goal in life to eat at least one of everything known to Humankind. However, they is one food that might be beyond his ability to eat it!  The stories are short, odd and really without much point to them. Some would say the author has written himself as Phileas and perhaps they might not be far off the mark. 🙂 They aren’t particularly philosophical, they were written just for a giggle. (Some would say this about the author as well, except for the short bit!)

If everything goes well, the book will be available initially from the Kobo e-Book service and perhaps others (iBooks, Amazon, etc) eventually once I figure out the whole US Tax weirdness.