The weirdest error message I received while using the Kobo system.

The journey I started a little over two weeks ago has reached its first milestone. With a bit of help from Kobo and a lot of patience on my end, my self-published eBook “The Unorthodox Eater” is now available from Kobo books. I won’t deny that it filled me with a lot more excitement than I thought it would, even though I don’t expect to make more than CAD $10 on it. It has been a valuable experience and feel more confident with larger projects.

Despite Kobo’s database problems, their service peeps were helpful, dedicated and polite, each time getting back to me within 24 hours of me posting requests for help.  Their first advice to “un-stick” the book, which was caught in a quasi-limbo between unpublished and published, was to change some details and see if the update would get it the whole way. I ended up de-listing it and re-listing it a few hours later, which may have exacerbated the problem. This caused there to be two entries in the database, one of which was classified as “Removed from the database” or deleted and the other which could not be bought. This situation gave me cause for my 2nd or 3rd request for help and I was told I couldn’t buy my own books. I guess its because we already have them, or they are worried about us messing up sales figures, I don’t know.  They must have done some tidying up on their end as well, since the duplicate entry was also removed.

At that point I was confident that I could begin telling peeps that it was available, so after posting the news on Facebook and telling my dear ol’ Mum about it, I figured it was time to start letting the world know about it, beginning with this article.

A Phileas McNeil Compilation

Click to Purchase the eBook from Kobo Books

At the risk of being redundant, I will say that the book is a collection of three semi-farcical short stories about a renowned gourmand who undertakes a personal quest to indulge in every food known to humankind. Two of the stories can be read on the website for free, if you’d like to see what you’re in for.

The collection runs at about 30 printed pages and to up the value for money, I’ve added an appendix with notes covering the strange facts, ideas, homages and incidentals that crop up in the stories.

I will also own up to the cover artwork, which, to be honest, I’m not quite sure what to make of. It involves elements from all three stories. The expression on Phileas’ face is somewhere betwixt lurid enjoyment of hallucinogenics and an impending seizure of bowel movements, and not particularly by design or intent.

That being said, I do stand by my work. I find the stories amongst my favourites I’ve written, even though they aren’t serious. I feel I have a kinship with Phileas and any foodie might also. If you do choose to take the plunge on the eBook, I truly hope you enjoy it and because of it, enjoy many a meal in the future!

Bonan appetiton!