I don’t think this website is the place for memorials that need to be taken seriously and with severe empathy. My belief is that would be a crass act indeed.

Instead, I will point out this book:  Look to Windward by Iain M. Banks.   Even though it wasn’t written about the World Trade Center attacks of 11th September 2001, it is a book about  such an event from both sides – its emotional reasoning, impact and the nature of lingering memories and guilt.

Science Fiction helps us find answers to thing we can’t understand.

My apologies in advance to Mr. Banks for associating his excellent work with such a tragedy. /tips hat

For Niagara Region/Canada residents who geo-cache, I will bring your attention to this one: As Time Goes By, since it will provide a much more heartfelt and affecting memorial that the WTC attacks were felt worldwide, than I ever could on a SF website.