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Ear of a King

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The Ear of a King

Ulvendorf: the degenerate, corrupt jewel of a world far into its decline.

Many rival nations has crumbled to its armies, their people enslaved in mighty campaigns of war. Yet all this is forgotten, known only to those reading rotten history books. The Kingdom has grown stagnant, decadent and corrupt.

Under the rule of the tired, weak King Ecclesiastes, it falters daily, providing a festering environment for corrupt magistrates, conniving knights and worst of all, a sadistic, adulterous Queen looking to secure her own future.

It comes to the Court Jester, Wannear – born deformed and as corrupt, degenerate and debased as the kingdom itself – to do what the Kingdom cannot, or isn’t willing, to do – save itself from itself.

But what can the lowest of the low amongst the King’s Court do?

A dark, historical fantasy story of a place that never existed, or did, but was left from the history books due to its sordid, squalid and puerile history.

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The Unorthodox Eater

A Phileas McNeil Compilation

The Inimitable Phileas McNeil, as visualized by Trans-Poptech artist Xiao Arcturo Yamaburo-khan IV. Media: chemically enhanced mental projection on xenon-treated photographic plate, 2457 CE.

Much has been said about Phileas McNeil, so perhaps this will put an end to the whole damn sordid affair. A culinary critique of mediocre standing announces that he desires to eat one of everything in the known universe and damn well gets close.

From the somewhat repugnant and morally dubious, but well-selling WebNet publication for discerning adults and connoisseurs,  Pseudopodia Everywhere, comes this blurb about the publication:

“Shrimp! Worms! Embryonic Sharks! His own buttocks!

“Phileas McNeil has eaten it all and more; practically one of everything – but there is one meal that will be his match. Phileas’ semi-farcical journey through exotic alien cuisine brings him face to face with inevitable doom, endings, beginnings and the reason why anything is worth eating anyway.

“This eBook collects three short strangitudes of Phileas McNeil, along with a detailed annotation of the stories’ curious basis.”

They supposedly had a review of it as well, but when Pseudopodia Everywhere was closed down on obscenity charges due to “far too artistically placed weblinks” inside certain images for mature beings, back in 3217 CE, all print copies and digital versions of the review were destroyed by a court order, so you may have to find out for yourself.

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