A portfolio of images, as rendered by the hand of the scribe Ken McCulloch, between periods of madness and lucidity.

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“Yogo Sunset”

This image was designed to capture the sweeping grandeur that I’m striving to put into the SF novel it inspired. It is supposed to be exotic, alien and yet familiar. The main character, Karyss pictured at the center, is the sort of person that can ride through daunting hardship with a smile.

Digital, Photoshop, 2012. For Pan-Spectrum Analyzer website.

Karyss watches a procession of spacecraft going about their business at an alien spaceport.

Hegemonic Marine

Digital, Photoshop, 2001.

This sketch belies my Traveller RPG and Warhammer 40,000 roots. The Vilani Imperial space marines wore deep maroon powered armour and I suppose the idea rubbed off on me.

A Hegemonic Marine


Quick and dirty digital pencil sketch done for the blog. Drawing 1.5 hours, no reference.  Corel Painter Lite + Cintiq tablet.

Copyright Ken McCulloch 2012


The Vale of Odin

Cover painting for my NaNoWriMo novel. A dark tale of alternate history, fantasy Vikings.

Digital Painting done in Photoshop CS 4.

Vale of Odin2c_no_title

Bjorni Jotenbani returns to Thorvald with a heavy heart

Karyss Illustrations

A collection of illustrations of the protagonist of my Science Fiction novel “Pan Spectrum Analyzer.”  Primarily different evolutions of the character, in an attempt to give her some further definition.

Photoshop CS4 and Manga Studio 4 EX.

  Karyss-shade3a-FXKaryss Suit copyKaryss_Prologue

The Ear of a King

The cover of my e-book of the same name. It depicts the protagonist of the story, Wannear, and his pet monkey escaping the attentions of a wandering castle guard.

Ear of a King