As I craft my novel and establish details about the world I’m building, I like to create fictional artifacts of that world. Mostly, they are pure info-dumps, trying to nail down details and elicit new ones. Sometimes, it is other stories, focusing on a specific matter or moment, as a way of brainstorming. It can also take other forms: maps, advertisements, diaries/logs, sculpture or models. Each one contributes to the building of the world and acts as a hook to build the rest on.

Pan-Spectrum Analyzer

A small, handheld device for the analysis and interpretation of received signals, notably the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum, audio and chemical/molecular signatures. The device attempts to translate these into a broad-description and relays it to either a visual interface, or a discreet/private audio/neural link, for the user’s elucidation. On-board AI will advise on the developing situation if so programmed, warning the user on diplomatic crisis, physical danger, or social-etiquette faux pas. For e.g, “You said “die pig-dog” rather than “pass the hot sauce”, audience is angry, Danger: you are about to be stabbed…” kind of situations.

PSA Modes

Translate – direct translation from one known language to another, including situation context, if module installed.

Decrypt – reduce the complexity of the language, or summarize based on known info and context.

Cultural Reference – access database, analyzing the reference for context and cultural significance. If possible, explain or summarize its importance.