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Are you telling me this ISN’T Science Fiction? Aliens, robots, weird things, futuristic cities…

It’s at times like this I had much deeper roots in the Comic industry than I do right now (Hey, Josh!), as the last few weeks have seen some interesting developments that made me jealous of whoever might step in to fill this role: DC Comics’ Geoff Johns is retiring from his position as chief writing peep on the Green Lantern comics, which may mean the titles associated with GL may be about to undergo a massive change in direction.

For the record I should state that I’ve never been big on superheroes, whether Marvel or DC. Growing up in the rural parts of the southwest UK meant that I had limited access to decent comics and I was weaned on a steady supply of Eagle and 2000AD – making me a staunch fan of Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors, just to name a few. As a result, superheroes were always hokey to me. Sure, I read a few comics, watched some movies, but by the time I was out of young-adulthood, say 25-28, I could only say that a tiny handful of superhero oriented comics I had read were of any real value to me. Marvel’s Elektra: Assassin and DC Comic’s Marshal Law. It would be another five or six years until I read Watchmen and a few other guilty pleasures, such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And of course, all these are largely critical of the superhero genre and its tropes. Yeah, me and Superheroes don’t get along much.

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I put my ipod into its cradle in my car, selected “I am the Law” by Anthrax, pumped the volume high and began to drive home. A few minutes later, I was pulled over by Niagara cops as part of their R.I.D.E. checks. I killed the volume, wound the window down. The car ahead was stopped, interrogated and asked to move along.

I thought I had gotten away with it – they weren’t going to ask me any questions. I was beaning and on a sugar high – a medium double double, double-choc donut and adrenalin pump from watching an awesome movie.  “How much have you had to drink tonight, sir?”

Every fibre of me screamed to pump the gas, careen onto the sidewalk and pull away, shouting out the window “You’ll never take me alive coppa!”

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” was all I could conjure.

“Where are you coming from?” Steel eyed cop glare.

I wanted to say with pride: “Coming home from the Judge Dredd movie, punk!”, but I acquiesced and lowered my excitement level, “Just been to the movies…”

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