A Phileas McNeil Compilation

The Inimitable Phileas McNeil, as visualized by TransPopTech artist Xiao Arcturo Yamaburo-kan IV.
Media: chemically enhanced mental projection with xenon-treated photographic plate

Or rather, The Unorthodox Eater is at half price…

I’ve reduced the price on my e-book short story collection about Phileas McNeil, the interstellar gourmand who tasked himself with eating one of everything there is to be eaten, and a few things that shouldn’t be.

It is the lowest price it will be at on Kobo, as its the lowest price it ever can be on Kobo: $0.99 Cdn. Unfortunately, I do not know how many quatloos that is. Just as well, as I’m not so sure Kobo accepts quatloos anyway.

For those not familiar with Kobo, its a worldwide thing, although your country may carry Kobo books under different service name, such as Dealtime.co.uk in the UK, and uh, I can’t remember the Australian one, but if you do a search for “McCulloch Weed Wacker” on au.shopping.com you’ll find it. 🙂  Kobo books can be read with on desktop systems and a variety of handheld devices including iOS and Android.

If you’re in the mood for some light-hearted, potentially weird, even shocking, and perhaps thought provoking reading material, please give it a whirl.  And if you do, then please accept my thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

May the ink in your well never dry!

Ken McCulloch (GRNDL)

PS: Reviews always welcome, good, bad and indifferent!