The last week or so has seen my first steps to publishing an e-book and its been quite an eye-opening process, even after my glancing experience in typesetting from way back when.

A probably very confusing teaser for the (hopefully) forthcoming “Unorthodox Eater” e-book.

The e-book itself is a compilation of my Phileas McNeil pieces, two of which are available on this site ( and a third, along with an appropriate forward, cover artwork and perhaps even an annotation or two. A simple project, so I can progress through the stages. Assembling the materials into an electronic document was not a problem, but finessing into a presentable e-book was something else. I had hoped for something a bit more streamlined in Adobe InDesign in terms of the e-pub conversion, but I think support for it was kludged in.  During the course of one day, I re-did the book about in about three arcs: #1 being the “it looks nice as a PDF” run, including headers/footers, the whole nine yards; #2 being the “reality check” as an e-book doesn’t use those fancy doobries and doodahs, which led to #3, the “Start from scratch and create a hyperlink stack”, which is vaguely how an e-book is stuck together.

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