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I put my ipod into its cradle in my car, selected “I am the Law” by Anthrax, pumped the volume high and began to drive home. A few minutes later, I was pulled over by Niagara cops as part of their R.I.D.E. checks. I killed the volume, wound the window down. The car ahead was stopped, interrogated and asked to move along.

I thought I had gotten away with it – they weren’t going to ask me any questions. I was beaning and on a sugar high – a medium double double, double-choc donut and adrenalin pump from watching an awesome movie.  “How much have you had to drink tonight, sir?”

Every fibre of me screamed to pump the gas, careen onto the sidewalk and pull away, shouting out the window “You’ll never take me alive coppa!”

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” was all I could conjure.

“Where are you coming from?” Steel eyed cop glare.

I wanted to say with pride: “Coming home from the Judge Dredd movie, punk!”, but I acquiesced and lowered my excitement level, “Just been to the movies…”

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“I Am the Law”

Classic Dredd cover by Mike McMahon, showing Dredd and Uncle Ump, probably the saddest Dredd story, IMHO.

With less than a week to the North American release of the new Judge Dredd movie, I felt like I should say something about the franchise, perhaps as a primer for North Americans who aren’t familiar with this very British gem.

As an early teen and subscriber of the comic 2000AD, I grew up with a weekly dose of Judge Dredd. It was pretty much everything a British teenage boy wanted: action filled, imagination expanding, great lines and amazing artwork. I enjoyed every week and the variety of story lines – it went all over the place. Gang warfare, controlled substances, game shows, democratic protests, superhero vigilantes, communist city states, alien invaders and Dredd’s ever-present sardonic one-liners gave the reader a connection to its craziness – as unemotional as he was, Dredd is the person closest to our sensibilities, the quintessential “straight-man.”

A casual reader, perhaps someone who bought the comic on a news-stand – or actually read it in the newspaper since Dredd was a syndicated comic strip in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper – might dismiss the real depth of the content. Judge Dredd is much more than a hard-assed cop in a futuristic world, but a commentary on a future dystopia protected by a fascist police state, a dissertation on culture run-amuck, as well as a parody/prediction about the future of United States of America.

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One more step and its knee-popping time, creeps!

With the new Judge Dredd movie looming, I’ve been finding myself submerged in the comic. A weird sequence of events brought me to the Steam store and spending $8 on Rebellion’s “Dredd vs. Death” game, from 2003. What is odd about this is that I’ve already played it twice and wanted to again, despite trashing it on first blush and constantly describing it as a lackluster shooter to anyone who’s asked me about it. So why play it again?

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