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There’s a saying that goes if you dwell on the past, then you are trapped within it, and its only those who look to the future who really live at all. With that in mind, I’m not going to reminisce about what made 2012 great or memorable, especially as on the personal front it was one of the worst years of my life: this blog and the things associated with it have been the only standouts of the year.


Future’s so bright… (Click to play)

Culturally speaking, I was dwelling too much in the past to enjoy the present. Nearly every kind of media I consumed was from yesteryear. I read a lot of books from ten or twenty years ago (Pride of Chanur, Halcyon Drift), and one over two hundred years old (Vathek) and while I enjoyed most of them, each one meant I spent more time away from the fore-front – the present and future – of culture. But then, looking at what 2012 had to give us, I didn’t lose out on much.

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Disturbing Omissions

Prometheus remains one of two notably disappointing movies for me this year. While I enjoyed viewing the movie and its some of its tantalizing propositions, ultimately it was a heavily flawed movie. I was hoping that its home video release would change my opinion of that and correct those flaws. After watching the some thirty minutes of deleted scenes I would put forth that they actually do make the movie better, but still do not correct the flaws.

I won’t be reviewing the movie here, but let me point out my major issues with it. There will be spoilers in this outlining and discussion of the outtakes.

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Doug Quaid trips the light fantastic in Total Recall 1992/2012

Having just seen the “new” Total Recall movie, I really have to wonder what the motivation is for the studios to make these “remakes” (not reboots, resets, etc) other than the almighty $$$. The new movie retreads basically the same material as the original, only not as well. I felt it had no soul and like much of popular culture these days is only a trashy vampire sucking the blood out of a twenty year old husk. Scene for scene, line by line, its essentially the same thing, despite being totally different.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a serviceable movie with great production design, reasonably well written and acted; if you haven’t seen the original, then it might spur you to excitement, even challenge you. If you have, then, well, why not just watch the old one? At least it has character.

SPOILERS for the new version are  coming. You’ve been warned.

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