Doug Quaid trips the light fantastic in Total Recall 1992/2012

Having just seen the “new” Total Recall movie, I really have to wonder what the motivation is for the studios to make these “remakes” (not reboots, resets, etc) other than the almighty $$$. The new movie retreads basically the same material as the original, only not as well. I felt it had no soul and like much of popular culture these days is only a trashy vampire sucking the blood out of a twenty year old husk. Scene for scene, line by line, its essentially the same thing, despite being totally different.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a serviceable movie with great production design, reasonably well written and acted; if you haven’t seen the original, then it might spur you to excitement, even challenge you. If you have, then, well, why not just watch the old one? At least it has character.

SPOILERS for the new version are  coming. You’ve been warned.

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